Welcome to CA Psychointegration

We’re dedicated to enabling psychological health and wellbeing, from surviving to flourishing.

CAP synthesizes the different wisdom traditions or paths towards self-knowledge, the process of transformation, and modern clinical health research with a sense of the sacred in all beings.

The application of scientific and philosophical wisdom to the artistic process of therapeutically engaging with individuals, groups, organizations, and families, to assist them with their unique challenges.

The counselling service combines a deep empathy for the struggles we can experience as humans, a recognition of the various causes of psychological suffering or pain, with a broad specialized knowledge applied to individual treatment.

CAP fundamentally acknowledges human potential and the individual journey that is often characterized by the humanistic tradition. This way you not only access a service that views you as a unique person with a unique set of challenges, but also one that evolves with you as you graduate along your journey of wellbeing, change, self-discovery and growth.

CAP is influenced by an embodied, ecological, psychodynamic, and existential understanding of mental health concerns, complex family and social circumstances considered, as well as modern neuroscientific and integrative health research.

CA Psychointegration practitioners also have experience and knowledge in areas of shamanic initiation, inner healing intelligence, and how this relates to research-proven therapeutic processes. The branch of psychology that utilizes this holistic understanding is known as 'transpersonal psychology'.

CAP services will expand over time, providing different options for clients wishing to access therapeutic counselling, as well as other services that enable transformative outcomes in domains where deep thinking, full presence, and compassionate considerations are needed.

Our Mission

  1. To provide inspiration, maps, and service experiences that contribute towards health and healing processes, resilience, authentic embodiment, creativitiy, as well as individual and collective wisdom.
  2. To utilize therapeutic processes for enabling individual, family, and community awareness, developmental growth, and relational harmony.

Our Values

Embodied wisdom
Ethical sophistication
Sound problem solving
Ecological integration

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