Cameron Duffy
Counsellor, philosopher, researcher, athlete, founder of CA Psychointegration

“Can the negative thinking of Western rationalism lead to a pathologically flawed underestimation of the human potential in a manner akin to a psychotic depressive delusion?”


Dr Ede Frescska, 2008

The journey…

Psychedelic or ‘psyche manifesting/revealing’ science and therapy were scarcely recognized in Australasian universities in 2008, despite the existence of a rich foundation of literature and research binding many topics crucial to our understanding of human nature, cross-cultural psychology, psychosomatic healing, and paradigmatic development.

Therefore, following my initial research into the philosophical and scientific foundations of transpersonal transformation, and in response to this cultural disconnection in academia from an apparently esoteric and perennial phenomenon capable of affording critical insight, I continued my research and practical development in the area independently.
This included involvement in volunteer work at psychedelic festivals in acute care spaces and harm reduction operations over a 5 year period. This enriching and often challenging experience eventually led to my role developing content for the provision of training for a diversity of harm reduction volunteers involved in psychedelic crisis management.
I also volunteered in other organizations, developing many events involving public discussion around potential clinical applications of shamanic medicine, the relationship between mental health and ecological integration, and deeper processes involving psychointegration, authentic embodiment, and the levels of awareness that can arise from transpersonal experiences.

Our inner healing capacities, when enabled, are of great significance here, along with the risks associated with underdeveloped initiation spaces.

My personal journey into integrative health and fitness over the past 20 years has also been highly influential, personally and professionally. This includes high intensity cardiovascular training, biomechanical strength training, functional movement, and nutritional intake design and experimentation. Use of various breathing techniques and yoga, mindfulness practice, and meditation have also been indispensable.

Notable inspiration has included my dedication to the shamanic domain involving death-rebirth initiation processes, numerous instances of personal transformation, and integration of extraordinary experiences into an understanding of embodied philosophy. These experiences formed part of the inspiration that led to the development of CA Psychointegration.

Concerns relating to many trauma-related tendencies observed in industrial culture, leading to a disconnection from regenerative experiences and patterns that can often determine risk of poor health outcomes, unsustainable practices, and lapses in agency, also influenced this decision.

During the past 20 years, I have been searching for an understanding, tools, and processes for enabling health, vitality, conscious agency, and sustainability. This dedication led to my involvement in authentic culture development events involving critical dialogues inspired by a philosophy that holds our capacity for loving connection in the highest regard.

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” — Carl Sagan (Cosmologist, 1934–1996)

“Love is that which enables choice” — Forrest Landry (Philosopher, researcher, scientist, engineer, craftsman, and teacher)

A recognition of our capacity to phase between states of consciousness under carefully considered conditions, between the personal and a trans-personal “collective unconscious” (a term from 20th century psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s work), has inspired me to focus deeply on the nature and tendencies associated with the development of our conscious lives.
This recognition also appears to integrate well with the symbolic and spiritual (relational/metaphysical) aspects of Australian Aboriginal culture, such as the “dreaming” concept and associated initiations and creation myths.

A question for each of us may be: Considering our constraints, what can enable us to transform into our own version of the butterfly?

Cosmic Art Psychointegration (the intended extension of “CA”) acknowledges an ultimate creative principle, beyond the grasp of language, that manifests and dances within all of us, and indeed all things. As sacred mirrors (a term often used by visionary artist, Alex Grey), we can create spaces for personal and collective transformation.

It is the challenge of CA psychointegration to enable the presencing of both the darkness and the light, understanding that the struggle towards wholeness is just as important as the beautiful moments we may experience and share together. Our journey here in this world is considered, through this lens, to be sacred.

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