Prior to commencing my clinical counselling career, I specialized in the philosophical foundations of transpersonal psychology at the end of 7 years of multi-disciplinary university study. I have been involved in clinical assessment, therapeutic processes, counselling practices, and professional development for around 10 years.
This began with utilizing research-based practices in the forensic rehabilitation domain, though transitioned into the alcohol/drug and addictions-focused treatment domain in Victoria, Australia, as a result of my fascination with ethnopharmacology.
I have since worked with a myriad of unique and complex client cases, assessing, treatment planning, and providing counselling and psychotherapy in the combined mental health and substance use disorder treatment domains.
Beyond 4-15 session services and providing brief interventions, specific programs I have been involved in include those servicing treatment intractable/re-presenting, family system, and dual diagnosis clients.
This has involved utilizing an understanding of human needs and development, trauma, biomedical complexity and withdrawal planning, family systems, ecopsychology, neuropsychopharmacology, crisis and suicide risk management, neuroplasticity and the associated process of change and transformation.
I have worked with individual clients, couples, run or cofacilitated groups, and conducted family sessions throughout my involvement in counselling services over the years.
The courage and dedication of my clients over the years, despite immense challenges, has contributed towards my appreciation for human resilience and our capacity for growth.
My approach to sessions involves tuning in to client needs with each presentation and utilizing a therapeutic style that’s transparent and customized to optimize beneficial outcomes. Read more

Cameron Duffy
BA(hons), BSc, CertAOD
Counsellor, philosopher, independent researcher, founder of CA Psychointegration

I am a philosopher whose work focuses on the relation between participation and transformation, integrating metaphysical and scientific modes of understanding. What this really means is that I take great care in understanding the relationship between what it is to *know thyself,* and what it is to participate as an interconnected and interdependent element in touch with others and the world.

In this context, I am here to engage in a unique kind of conversation: one that is open to the deep meaning of *what is,* where the relationship between your dreams, fears, desires, and fundamental questions about the nature of reality are welcome to surface—without bullshit, with integrity, and with the depth and intensity they deserve. Both in the process of surfacing what matters, and subsequently in response, we will engage in real, authentic, embodied conversation, and meet what arises with courage, care, and love.

You can find much of my work in the world in the Voicecraft project, which was conceived in response to the lack of authentic contexts where curiosity and wisdom were welcome to engage the real of modern life. Core to the philosophy which animates Voicecraft is the knowing that we are all involved in the communicational field that moves and shapes us—and that the craft by which we meet and interact bears profoundly on the meaning which colours the richness and depth of our knowing.

Tim Adalin
Philosopher, dialogical specialist, cultural development projects consultant


I am dedicated to uniting ancient and modern wisdom traditions in the facilitation of contexts and practices that support healing and creative expression. My primary practice modality incorporates elements of art therapy, led by a psycho-spiritual approach that welcomes and guides the intuitive exploration of unconscious and archetypal energies.
I have worked and collaborated in different contexts with children and adults. The throughline of effort in both cases is to enable individuals to access and awaken their creative nature using multiple artistic mediums and materials.

I have undertaken research in the areas of mythology, anthropology, analytical and transpersonal psychology and neuroaesthetics. I am a visual artist and Transpersonal Art Therapy student with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Cultural Heritage and Master of World Arts Heritage.

My career path has spanned arts management and curatorship, with experience across the commercial, contemporary and not-for-profit arts sectors. I am also a qualified researcher and cultural heritage practitioner with a focus on human rights and indigenous cultural heritage.

Taryn Ossowski
Visual artist and Transpersonal Art Therapy student
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