Research and Development




In an era of uncertainty, ubiquitous forecasting, and meaning crisis, the inferior functions of human development can dominate social systems, leading to rigidity, overly reductionist paradigms, and conditions that disable participation, key innovation, and community health.

This represents not only an existential risk associated with the destructive and creative potential of the psyche, but an opportunity to lead through promoting conscious awareness and the cross-cultural means by which important practices and mindful forms of understanding can contribute towards meaningful outcomes.

Part of the foundation of CAP has been an emphasis on integrative research and the development of projects for improving the way in which psyche, nature, and health can be understood and related to at a deep level. Further, how deep insight from combined wisdom traditions, the history of philosophy, and scientific methods can merge with therapeutic practices, protocols, modes of expression, and associated community health. This includes integrating a wealth of understanding about the physical body as a complex and adaptive ecological system, along with one that has healing capacities and emergent properties that can transform our understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our deeper interconnected nature.

The aim is to enable the development of therapeutic awareness and communication utilizing a multitude of modes of healthful inter-related practices. This extends to participatory wisdom network development and communities that aim to empower emergent human capacities that can be utilized for mindful and innovative purposes.
Further, to provide explicit maps and guide processes that lead to the conscious, embodied articulation of these in professional and community development spaces. Overall, the orientation is to inspire the awakening of human consciousness towards wiser culture development.

Some of the current areas of research that CAP has explored and continues to develop include:


    • The impact of traumatic imprinting on the developing human system, implications for anterograde vulnerabilities and neuroception-related functioning.
    • Variables in gut microbiome health, significance for immune functioning, inflammation, related mental health, and therapeutic treatment protocols that include nutrition and a focus on vagal nerve activation.
    • The link between psychedelic-assisted healing and enhanced ventral vagal nerve functioning.
    • Epigenetic determinants of health and lifestyle, associated resource and practice ecologies that can minimize disease risk and maximize functional wellbeing.
    • Hormetic practices and resilience. Associated embodied awareness, metacognition, and capacity building.
    • Pranayama breath control methods passed down through the ancient Indian yoga traditions, associated physiological and phenomenological outcomes and applications.
    • Sound or cymatic healing methods, ancient and modern sources and applications. Physiological outcomes and paradigmatic integration.
    • The nature of psychedelic transformation, especially the relationship between metaphysical philosophies, wisdom traditions, and psychosomatic healing.
    • The conditions and processes conducive to neuroplasticity, and paradigms for understanding regeneration.
    • Trans-paradigmatic and holistic models, theory and applications.
    • The relationship between metaphysical discernment and associated psychiatric paradigms. Applications for therapist training, iatrogenic risk prevention, and ethical practice capacities in psychedelic therapy spaces.
    • Interpersonal and psychosocial outcomes associated with shamanic practices.
    • The nature of hidden unity and associated epistemological challenges.
    • The relationship between peak transpersonal experiences, resulting emergent capacities, artistic endeavours, and leadership.

    • Sleep and dreaming: Neuroendrocrine processes, the glymphatic system, epidemiological associations, symbolic phenomenology, and psychotherapeutic interventions.

    • The application of embodied awareness, holistic practices, depth psychology, existentialism and metaphysics to psychedelic integration therapy.

    • Esoteric-exoteric fusion initiations and frameworks in psychedelic therapy training.


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