Counselling (3 session pre-purchase discount)



What to expect:

  • 50-60 min online sessions x 3
  • Trauma-informed counselling.
  • An opportunity to be heard, to process, to explore and receive well-informed counselling support. A plan around any risk-related thoughts or behaviour that you may be struggling with can be offered. Liaison with other relevant services on your behalf can be organized with your written consent.
  • CA psychointegration emphasizes a humanistic understanding that will view you as a whole person navigating the process of being subject to different challenges as part of your unique journey in this world.
  • Counselling informed by research in multiple domains. This includes specific psychotherapies to match your unique set of challenges, unique qualities, and stage of change (where relevant).
  • Harm reduction model utilized in accordance with your self-determination.
  • Risk-related management plans as needed. CA Psychointegration counselling services place high importance on ethical considerations, from compassionate care to involvement of emergency services if needed in accordance with a counsellor’s duty of care and best practices.
  • Whenever relevant or requested, you will be offered a treatment plan and or electronic resources that can be utilized as therapy aids.
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