Philosophical Counselling with Tim Adalin (via zoom)


What to expect:

  • 60 min online session.
  • Exclusive access to an exploratory session with philosopher and dialogical specialist, Tim Adalin.
  • This is a non-clinical service. Although it aims to be therapeutic in terms of experience and outcomes, it is not intended for clients presenting with serious mental health conditions requiring the associated professional duty of care.
  • An opportunity to be heard, to process, and to explore meaning, personal and professional development in a confidential context.
  • Wide scope of clientele, from corporate executives seeking private guidance, to everyday people wishing to explore the nature of human challenges, complexity, and life.
  • CA psychointegration emphasizes a humanistic understanding that will view you as a whole person navigating the process of being subject to different challenges as part of your unique journey in this world.
  • CA Psychointegration counselling services place high importance on ethical considerations.
  • Your feedback is welcome and forms an essential part of our service review and ongoing development.
  • Click to read the CA PsychointegrationTerms and Conditions.
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